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Welcome To DreamWeaver Studios Parent company of Keith's Kreations

Unique Gifts, Products and simply Fun Ideas

magination is the key to every new idea that is created here and everywhere. Whether you are inspried to fix a problem in a new way or create something complete new and fun, its imagination that sparks them all. Walt Disney said “All dreams can come true if we have the courge to pursue them.” This is as true as it was the day it was spoken by the father of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. We, meaning my family and I wanted to create a company filled with products that allow you the consumer to escape the everyday, and some of our products do just that. Others are more practical, from the science side of the family, but all of them are created with inspiration, research, imagination, and determination. We hope you enjoy browsing our products and please be sure to place an order.

Discover the world of Princess Clair and her Planet Pink

Fantasia has been blessed with to work with children of all ages. These children inspired her to write, the many wonderful stories, each one.

Dragons Den animal bedding great for snakes, lizards, tortoises and even poultry

Digestibility is a big concern with the reptile enthusiast, no animal bedding is 100% safe, with our unique milling system we are able combine over 20 plus
sizes of bedding, making the bedding less likely to impact during the natural process of digestion, it will pass easily with the animals natural movement.

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