Luminary Destinations Lunar Burger

You may be saying where is the picture, this is just a peak,
order a Luminary Destinations
and you will get to see the whole thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Lunar Burger – Burgers that out of this world, this restaraunt is modeled after an intergalactic hamburger craft, ready to launch. Having a burger, has never been so much fun. May I suggest you try

1. Galactic Burger – 1/2lb of MoonRanch Beef, Pulsar Pickles, Orbitting Grilled Onions, Living Lettuce, TimeWarp Tomatoes, Comet Hoppin Chilli, Solar Flare Hot Pepper Cheese, Cosmic Ketchup, MoonBeam Mustard.

What do you get when you order, a beautifully bound Luminary Destinations, two lunar tickets, six restaraunts and their menus, Lunar crafts, a Lunar city, two homes and much more.
You or the recipient of this great gift will not stop talking about it with your/their friends, it will certainly be the conversation piece of the home or office. Order Now…its only $24.99 and it includes free shipping via US priority mail.

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