This is the perfect gift for your new home owner, with all the crazyness of moving day and moving in, imagine their delight when receive such a unique gift from you, or

Tired of leaving pads, calendars, pens, flyers on the doorsteps of homes when you are farming, imagine the future customers delight when they receive this unique gift.

We can incorporate your name, company logo on the cover of the Luminary Destinations, and even print a special message from you. Proofs of the cover/message will be sent via email or fax for your review.

Minimum order is 24 pieces.

24 – 200 pieces $3.50

250 and up $3.25

For only $.40 extra per Luminary Destinations plus the necessary postage, we will print your labels attach them to the envelope. Affix the necessary postage and bring them to the post office for you. All you have to do is send us an email with your addresses to us in an Excel file, which we will email to you. When considering this service, remember the cost of shipping and handling of the product to you.

Larger volume call us to discuss email us or email us

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